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Hey there,

Before introducing myself, I’d like to share something with you: I have been at war with my name all my life. It sounded “too strong and harsh” for me, and that’s why everybody calls me Lali since… well, since forever, actually. I over identified myself with that nickname (my high school hoodie and business cards can testify this) and my real name started slowly to disappear.


¿Am I really Lali?

I just turned 30 and a lot has been changing for me lately.
Tiny things, such as getting a haircut.
And big things, like moving from Argentina to Germany.

In the midst of all of these identity self-redefinitions, I started thinking about Carla again. What’s the matter if it sounds “too strong”? Isn’t it about time I get her (and myself) back?

I’ll let it sound:

My name is Carla.

Always has and always will be.

This newsletter is written by me, Carla, and it’s the virtual space in which I’ll share on a monthly basis what I encounter during this personal and creative path I’m passing through. A path I decided to call minicarbono (because bonominilali, my old internet identity, was left behind at 29). I plan on doing a selection of tools, works, images and inspiring things which have served me well during that month and may be of use during your own creative path of self-discovery. Something like this:


Apps, books, exercises, concepts. If I found something to be useful, I’ll share it.


Instagram accounts, blogs, movies, series. What inspired me the most that month, basically.

dates with myself

Expos, theatre plays, cooking classes… when we beat Corona. In the meantime, dates from home.


I’m always working at some project I find amusing and feel like sharing!


Stuff my brain has been processing that month and which feels ready to be externalised.


There are probably a lot of topics to share which I haven’t even thought about yet 🙂

That’s all (for now)*

*If you want to learn more about myself and my freelance work…

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Thank you, and see you around.