Hi! Mi name is Carla Bonomini, I was born in Buenos Aires and I live in Berlin. Across my career I went through various stages and instances and each one of them led me to now having the job of my dreams: helping others figure themselves out creatively. My mission is to bring noble and beautiful creations to life, as well as incite others to do so, thus making a positive difference in the world.

Through my:

And loads of creative introspection, my ultimate goal is to inspire someone else to kick their censor, dare to create, and have the courage to be vulnerable.

A movie 🍿 Adaptation. A colour ☀️ Yellow. A moment ⛅️ Early morning.

Notable Clients

Penguin Random House,  AstraZeneca, Martina Flor Studio

You can usually find me working on a passion project such as Minas a la Obra.


Carla Bonomini


10587, Berlin, Germany.

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Since I believe in a world where animals aren’t exploited by humans, I refuse to work for companies which commercialize meat or dairy products.