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  • hack your routine

    In my Passion Projects workshop we learn what PPs are and we examine different cool, successful examples. Through introspective tasks we work on ourselves to discover our passions and which project we could create to bring it to life. We also learn strategies and techniques to structure, plan and finally create those Passion Projects.

    A tiny bit of sensitive instrospection + a pinch of planning and structure = a lot of magic ✨

  • Minicarbono
  • it’s a good match if:

    -You are trying to go freelance in any field, ideally a creative one

    -You are looking for a hobby that motivates you to train your abilities

    -You feel stuck in your day to day work and are looking for new adventures

    -Or you just want to discover your creative potential and/or try something new

  • Minicarbono
  • this party is now online

    More than 600 people already did my Passion Projects Workshop both in person and online! I’m currently teaching it in spanish via Zoom (#thenewnormal), but I can also organise an english online version if there are enough people interested. Contact me if you’re one of them!