Hello, my name is Carla Bonomini
and I chat every day with my inner child.

My mission is to create significant content that makes a positive difference in other people’s lives. 

In my 10 years of career I went through various professional instances and each one of them made it possible for me to now have the job of my dreams: I create beautiful things that help others figure themselves out.

Through my:

And always resourcing to creative introspection, all the things that come from within me are looking to ultimately inspire someone else to kick their censor,  have the courage to create and dare to feel.

A movie 🍿 Adaptation. A colour 💛 Yellow. A day’s moment ⛅️ Real early morning

Notable Clients

Penguin Random House,  AB InBev, AstraZeneca

You can usually find me working on a passion project such as Minas a la Obra.


Carla Bonomini


10587, Berlin, Germany.

I’m also on


Since I believe in a world where animals aren’t exploited by humans, I refuse to work for companies which commercialize meat or dairy products.