I’m Carla, I’m 30 years old, I have a bachelor’s degree in advertisement and I live in Berlin with my boyfriend and my two cats.

I like telling visual stories and I have a weakness for sensitive insights, strong concepts and well done things.

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I worked at creative agencies and even co-founded my own one.

I currently work alone or teaming up with my favourite freelancers, depending on what each project demands, by generating social media content for brands and companies.

Three super important facts about me: my favourite movie is Adaptation by Spike Jonze, mi favourite colour is yellow and I don’t like chocolate (I suspect it has something to do with a genetic failure, but this information needs to be checked still).

Notable Clients

Penguin Random House,  AB InBev, AstraZeneca
When I’m not working for my clients I might be working on a Passion Project such as Minas a la Obra.

Social Media



Carla Bonomini


10587, Berlin, Germany.

Since I believe in a world where animals aren’t exploited by humans, I refuse to work for companies which commercialize meat or dairy products.