I’m Carla, I’m 30 years old, I have a degree in advertisement and I live in Berlin with my boyfriend and my two cats.

I like telling stories, the audiovisual media is my favourite and I have a weakness for what’s sensitive and introspective.

I work with brands and companies by generating freelance content for their social media.

I grew up in Buenos Aires and specialised myself in creativity, writing and audiovisual production.

I worked at agencies and even co-founded my own one, but in the end I discovered that I love working in my slippers while I drink mate, and that is why I became a freelancer.

I currently work alone or teaming up with my favourite freelancers (depending on what each project requires).

Three super important facts about me: my favourite movie is Adaptation by Spike Jonze, mi favourite colour is yellow and I don’t like chocolate (I suspect it has something to do with a genetic failure, but this information needs to be checked still).

Notable Clients

Penguin Random House,  AB InBev, AstraZeneca
When I’m not working for my clients I might be working on a Passion Project such as Minas a la Obra.

Social Media



Carla Bonomini


10587, Berlin, Germany.

Since I believe in a world where animals aren’t exploited by humans, I refuse to work for companies which commercialize meat or dairy products.